Annamalai target 25 … BJP executives who have gone to Audi!

Annamalai, the state leader of the Tamil Nadu BJP, has recently reshuffled the district administrators of the party.

Annamalai has consulted extensively with the party’s new executives, with the view that most of his supporters in the appointment of new executives have not taken Annamalai’s importance to the seniors, and that they have shed new blood for the party.

The meeting seems to have discussed how to take the BJP, which has no foothold in Tamil Nadu, to the next level, including the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Back then, parties, including the DMK, had a habit of going to the people only at election time. But the BJP is not such a party; The parties should meet the people on a daily basis and listen to their grievances and take action to address them.

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The party executives should inform the public about the schemes being implemented by the Central Government for the poor and the common people and the farmers and the various schemes being implemented in Tamil Nadu with the financial contribution of the Central Government, ”Annamalai advised.

Also, Prime Minister Modi has been addressing the people of the country on the radio program ‘Voice of the Mind’ on the excellent service of the people of Tamil Nadu. He also advised the party to popularize the program among the people of Tamil Nadu.

Importantly, the new executives must fully undertake the task of strengthening the party in all parts of the state in the run-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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Steps will be taken to hold party members accountable for recruiting at least 25 or more members. .Each volunteer must be in contact with at least 25 people in their area. They need to get the government help they need.

The national leadership will decide on the alliance in the upcoming MP elections. At the same time, Annamalai has set a target for party executives that the BJP, which is contesting alone in Tamil Nadu, should simply go into the field from now on to win 25 seats.