Andhra Pradesh: What a fool! .. Online parcels to look at .. Mind blank if you open it ..!

Andhra Pradesh: The proverb that there are infinite billion ways to a billion poor people seems to be well cooked by the illegals. Bringing a new look to marijuana sales .. making money. In a case recently arrested by the police, they are distributing hand-to-hand marijuana in parcels as ordered online. Guttu is making money by selling instead of slapping.

Cannabis sales in Visakhapatnam are hitting new highs. Illegals are supplying marijuana and making money with the latest means. Interesting things have come to light in the recent raids by the Task Force police. Police received information that he was selling cannabis at Chaitanya Nagar, Maddilapalem and dragged the coupe. The attacks were carried out with accurate information. One person was arrested and 12 kg of cannabis was seized. They also seized a bike, a vacuum machine, online parcel covers and a mobile phone.

Bought four thousand .. Sold 15 thousand ..!

G. Nageshwara Rao Naidu, a resident of Chaitanya Nagar, was identified by the police as carrying out these activities. He sharpened his brain with the idea of ​​making money easily. Suspicious of being caught by the police if he sells marijuana in general. Bought vacuum machine, bubble wrappers, envelopes, transparent covers online. With the help of these .. he parcels cannabis. Similar to the parcel that comes with booking goods online .. making marijuana parcels .. started his work without anyone suspecting. He has been selling cannabis in Visakhapatnam like water under the mat. A police investigation has revealed that 70 grams of cannabis was being sold for Rs 1,000. If you look at this calculation .. It seems that a kilo of cannabis is selling for almost 15 thousand. However, the police found that he was buying only Rs 4,000 per kg.

However, Nageswara Rao Rayudu was arrested by the police for selling cannabis. The police who arrested him .. with whom did he link ..? How is his business going ..? Who is buying from Nageswararao? Pulling the coupe over that.

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