Andhra Pradesh: Wandering bears .. yesterday in Uttaranchal .. today in Anantapur

People of Kalyanadurgam in Anantapur district are scared of bears. Residents of Mudigallu in Kalyanadurg zone are worried that the bears will not be able to keep an eye on the movement of bears. With a couple of bears roaming the area for two days, people here are afraid to come out. They are becoming uninhabited due to deforestation in the forest area. Awareness was expressed that the authorities did not care to tell about the movement of bears (Bears). However, forest officials say there is no such thing and bears change their habitat frequently. But he said people were ready to protect themselves. Mudigallu people want to protect themselves from the clutches of bears. Forest department officials responded and wanted to catch the bear, the tribesmen said. Forest officers are currently patrolling the surrounding areas of Suryanagar for the bear. Farmers are advised to be careful. It is said that he went to the fields alone.

On the other hand .. the migration of bears in Uttaranchal is increasing day by day. The bears are trading especially in the Manyam district. In Srikakulam district, just before the Maravaka incident, another bear appeared. The people there are panicking. Latest .. A bear commotion broke out in Suryanagar, Kurupam zone on Thursday. The people and farmers there are worried about this. So, the forest officials are scouring for the bear. Residents of Suryanagar say that they saw a bear when they went near the fields and now they are scared to go to work on the farm.

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