Andhra Pradesh: The swans are angry .. Do you know what happens instead of mantras?

Some things that are fun can also cause trouble for some. Usually at weddings relatives rush in and the whole area becomes bustling with bajabhajantris. However, during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are teased by their friends. However, the priest who performed the marriage was troubled by their deeds. With this, instead of chanting mantras, prostitutes said .. Akatai fired at the young women.

The incident took place at a wedding ceremony held at the Chinna Venkanna Temple in Thirumala, Dwarka, Eluru District. Large scale weddings were held in the Anivetti mandapam of the small Venkanna temple at Dwarakathirumala, a famous shrine. However, at a wedding ceremony, some friends sprayed snow snow on the newlyweds for fun after the beams ended.

It was sprayed on the priest who was celebrating the wedding thread next door without stopping. He was suddenly suffocated and suffocated as he sprayed all over his body from head to toe. From there he got up and received a curse on them. However, everyone who saw it laughed for a while, but the priest was outraged.

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