Andhra Pradesh: The real fear of the tiger, and then the bear harassment .. hunting and hunting people too ..

Kakinada district residents have been supporting the tiger for months. Itu .. Sikkolu district is haunted by the fear of bears. I do not know when it will come .. I do not know where it will come from .. The road bear is attacking at once and killing 2 people.

Srikakulam District Vajrapukottur తేడా There is no difference between day and night and the people there are trembling with fear. Urlokochi from the nearby forest .. You are a bear chasing my target. Attack today and created a scary atmosphere. The bear was bitten in Kidisingi. They were seriously injured when a bear attacked about seven people in the village. The locals immediately rushed them to the Palasa Government House. Six of the injured are in critical condition. The villagers are in a state of panic with the bear attacks.

The bleeding victims were rushed to the Palasa Government Hospital. Doctors say the condition of six of them is critical. Your wounds are as tragic as they look. The victims say that they fell on it and were bitten with dagger-like fruits. Nana was tortured to escape from it.

Kodandaram, a farmer, was seriously injured in a recent bear attack and later died. Now such an attack has taken place again. Bear attack has become very natural in the villages around Vajrakottur. The people there are supporting the events that are happening in a row. The locals are voicing their grievances that the forest department officials are not listening to their wall and that they are suffering due to their negligence.

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