Andhra Pradesh: The plight of RTC buses. ..

Andhra Pradesh: The rainy season is enough .. People’s life will be chaotic. Even the big cities are submerged. All the streets face the rivers. There is no need to say anything special about the type of trends anymore. And now the monsoon season has begun and it is beginning to rain heavily. It is raining heavily in many parts of Telugu state as well. The video of a bus carrying a tarpaulin cover at Gokavaram in East Godavari district is currently going viral on social media.

RTC says it is safe to travel by bus. But the rainy season is a bit of a hassle. Rainwater continues to seep into the bus. In the latest viral video, Rajahmundry RTC officials took care to cover the roof with a cover to prevent rain from entering the bus in the wake of heavy rains. Passengers are shocked to see the RTC bus covered with tarpaulin cover from the top to the windows of the bus. However, RTC officials clarified that these precautions were taken to prevent rainwater infiltration in the distribution of books to public schools.

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