Andhra Pradesh: People are running away to open the doors in that town .. The reason is so scary ..!

Andhra Pradesh: Fear is the fear to open the door there..tension to come out beyond the threshold..tension..the children have to be traded to leave for a moment..let’s find out why they are there now. The district of NTR has become a monkey forest. The monkeys are on a solo excursion. No matter what you see, there are a lot of monkeys. Houses, dormitories and hospitals are crowded with monkeys everywhere. If anything is found in my hands..they will be taken over. Gutukkuna put on the note. Not only that..the eateries are breaking into houses. Hospitals are also creating havoc. They are attacking Padi on the way back.

People on the road are also attacked and injured. The monkeys created by the monkeys in the fresh canopy are not uncommon. Attacked the locals. Child Disney was injured in a monkey attack. With this, the locals are spreading rumors that the monkey population in the canyon is getting worse day by day. They are trembling to get out of their homes. The doors slam shut with fear. They are afraid that the monkeys will open the door for fear of attacking them if they stand outside.

The longer the small children are left, the more yawning they become. There are rumors that groups are coming in groups and attacking children. They also feel that it has become difficult to go to the nearest shop and get anything. They are afraid to go to the store and pick up things. The plight of the small traders has become indescribable. If fruit shops are set up..they are being attacked and locked up..their situation is becoming more miserable. Authorities are voicing concerns that this is not happening. Mylavaram residents are still begging the authorities to take action and protect themselves.