Andhra Pradesh: Original shortage .. and then price flare .. mango harvested with increased rates

Known as the king of fruits, mangoes are loved by everyone, no matter how small or big. They enjoy the taste of the fruit as it is eaten, sliced, sliced, juiced, salted and seasoned with green mango slices. Looking forward to eating these all year round. Mangoes are available during the summer season so be sure to wait until then. This year has been a disappointment for those hoping to do so. Lack of proper yields and limited production have pushed up prices. All the nuts fell off due to the recent heavy rains. This led to a sudden increase in prices. With rising prices, poor, middle class people are unable to buy mangoes. Available at affordable prices up to 15 days ago and now abruptly increased. Depending on the size, the price of a basket of Banganapalli carts can be as high as Rs 2,000. A basket of 50 size small nuts can cost up to Rs.1400. This left the common man without the condition to enjoy the taste of it.

However .. In Vijayawada city from 6 am to night Raghavendra Theater, Ajit Singh Nagar, Muthialampad Government Press areas are selling directly to the farmers. They have cheaper fruits compared to the market prices. Vegetable mangoes are sold by traders and farmers at the bridge leading to the Satyanarayanapuram police station from morning till evening.

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