Andhra Pradesh: Married cruelty for property .. Sleeping husband, son set on fire ..!

Andhra Pradesh: Annadammulu Maya .. Aalu Magalu Maya. Today’s society does not even count the bonds for property. The tragic incident of a married man in Annamayya district has become a topic of discussion across the district. Yes, atrocities have taken place in Annamayya district. The tragic incident in which a father set fire to his sons for property came to light. Swaminayak had two wives from Ranganaikulapet in Railwaykoduru. The first wife’s name was Lakshmibai and the second wife’s name was Gangubai. His second wife Gangubai Swaminayak also had a son named Gautam. Swaminayak’s first wife Lakshmibai has been at loggerheads over property for days. With this, Swami Nayak stays away from his first wife .. near Gangubai.

With the suspicion that the property would be written off to the second wife or Gautam .. Lakshmibai’s faction increased against the husband. The vicious thought of ending them anyway came to mind. Swaminayak, who was sleeping at home on Friday night, poured petrol on Gautam and set him on fire. Screaming, they came around and put out the fire. Already both bodies were completely burned. They are being treated at Tirupati Rua Hospital. At the moment their condition seems to be toxic. Accused Lakshmibai and her accomplices were on the run after the incident. The police carried out blow-up operations for them.

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