Andhra Pradesh: Market shock for cotton farmers .. Prices fall sharply ..

Andhra Pradesh: Cotton farmers suffered huge losses. Cotton prices fell sharply. Farmers will not benefit from Adoni market. The price of cotton fell sharply in Adoni agricultural market yard of Kurnool district. Till last month, the white gold that was poured into the veins of the farmers.. The Adoni market in the country has reached a record level. The price of cotton fell from Rs 12,900 to Rs 9,706. Fresh cotton price has come as a big disappointment to the farmers who were expecting more rate increase in the coming days. 3,200 rupees drop suddenly, farmers are expressing distress.

With the end of the season, the farmers are moving the cotton stored at home to the market. However, the farmers, expecting a good rate, got a shock in the market. Farmers are worried about the latest prices. Until recently, cotton ginning and pressing industries were closed due to non-availability of cotton required for production. But now the traders have given an explanation for the drastic drop in the price of cotton. It is said that prices have fallen due to poor quality of cotton coming to the market since last month. This year cotton yield has dropped significantly due to heavy rains. A little relief was seen among the farmers as the cotton received a higher price a month ago. It is thought that even if there are no profits, the losses can be reduced to some extent. Farmers are worried about the steep decline in the prices of sedans. Cotton farmers want the government to do justice to them immediately.

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