Andhra Pradesh: Liquor bottles lined up in a row .. trampled with JCB .. heartbreaking scenes of firecrackers

Usually the heart breaks when a single bottle of alcohol bursts accidentally. If such a thing is tossing thousands of bottles of liquor with JCB at once .. the suffering of alcohol lovers is indescribable. Alas, except when the hearts are beating .. If they are in a helpless state of not being able to do anything else .. The pain they fall into cannot be put into words. Police seized liquor being smuggled within their jurisdiction, lined up the goods and trampled them with JCB. The incident became a hot topic in Guntur district. In Guntur district, the police have cracked down on illicit liquor. Has registered cases from the last two years. To this extent, the illegal liquor bottles seized by the police and SEB officers were destroyed on Tuesday.

Police destroy illegal liquor bottles in Guntur. 3,500 bottles of liquor were trampled with JCB led by SP Arif Hafeez. The destroyed liquor bottles were valued at Rs 9 lakh, SP Arif Hafeez said. After setting up the SEB in the police department .. Goa and Telangana focused on the smuggling of liquor from the states. The SP warned that illegal liquor sales anywhere in Guntur district would not be ignored. Warning was given that narcotics action would be taken if alcohol was sold contrary to the regulations. Police also destroyed 8 liters of illicit liquor and illicit liquor.

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