Andhra Pradesh: Jhalak to the staff of the Tahsildar’s office .. The person who locked the office .. What has happened so far ..!

Andhra Pradesh: The Emaruo office was still housed in a rented building. Revenue employees wanted to check overnight as the government built a new building. However, the building owner locked the Emaruo office, saying he would not take a single piece of paper without paying the rent. If you go into details .. Nandyala Jalla Pamulapadu Emarvo locked the office. The owner of the building locked the office as the rent had not been paid. With that, the people who came to the Pamulapadu Tahsildar’s office with various tasks were in serious trouble. People staggered in front of the gate for hours, not knowing what had happened as Emaruo’s office was locked. The office staff had not yet arrived, so it was felt that the gate had not been opened. People waited for hours and got tired and left. However, the employees along with the public fell outside and went back home.

The snake is running in a rented building in the Emaruo office. However, building owner Owner Prashant says he is having trouble paying rent as the government is building a new building. He says he has not paid rent for the last four years and has to pay Rs 65,868 in 3 days. He says he has to pay the rent immediately and has not been locked up until then. Moreover, he warns that if the rent is not paid, not a single document will be taken from there.

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