Andhra Pradesh: Interfile .. Student Suicide .. Tearful Parents

Exams are becoming a dead end to assess students’ progress. Students are committing suicide for petty reasons. If you do not pass the exam, you will end your life as if you have lost everything. Many hopeful burglars are left with a stomach ache. Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh) recently revealed the results of the recent inter-examination. Ashok, a student who could not digest failing the inter exams, committed suicide on Thursday. Vajrala Ashok Reddy hails from Puchakayalapally village in Prakasam district. He is studying Inter at a private college in the town. Failed in recently released results. He was deeply upset with this.

At 12 o’clock in the afternoon he phoned friends and gave information, and committed suicide by jumping from the top of the project dam where the gap of Sunkesula came to light. Upon learning of the matter the parents rushed to the scene and wept tears at the son’s body. Tragedy struck the village with the death of Ashok Reddy.

According to the recently released Inter results, a total of 2,41,591 (54 per cent) passed the exam while 2,58,449 (61 per cent) passed in the second year. In the first year, the pass percentage of boys was 49% while that of girls was 65%. In the second year, 54 per cent boys and 68 per cent girls passed.

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