Andhra Pradesh: Harassment to wife that a girl was born .. What she did was unbearable

In the present society both Ada and Maga excel equally. In some areas, women are ahead of men. No matter how much society develops, there is no change in some. The birth of a girl child is considered a sin. Behaving cruelly towards those who are tied up because the girl was born. Are subjected to severe harassment and threats. Sometimes there is no hesitation in committing murders. A similar incident took place recently in Krishna district. An enlightened man mistreated his wife for giving birth to a girl child. Harassed for want of divorce. The victim attempted suicide when his harassment did not stop. Gampala Someshwara Rao from Machilipatnam in Krishna district works as a hotel worker. He fell in love with a young woman named Madhavi and married her in 2017. Madhavi became pregnant for years. She gave birth to a baby girl months later.

Suicide Attempt In Machilipatnam

Suicide Attempt In Machilipatnam

Madhavini has since been severely harassed by her husband Someshwara Rao and aunt. Divorce is a serious problem. She complained to the police that the harassment was not over. She committed suicide by drinking insecticide. The family members were immediately alerted and rushed Madhav to the hospital. Madhavi, who was under medical supervision for three days, survived the ordeal. She was in tears that her husband wanted her and wanted to take her to Kapura.

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