Andhra Pradesh: Good luck together .. Government job for a beggar .. But

It is not possible to say when or how luck will fall on anyone .. A similar incident took place recently in Andhra Pradesh .. The decision taken by Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy is shedding light on the lives of some who are waiting for a government job. The Chief Minister has recently decided to give jobs to 98 batch DSC candidates. However, it has now gone viral that a person who wrote the Anadu DSC will get a government job at the retirement age after 24 years. Going into details ..

Allaka Kedareshwara Rao was born into a family of handloom workers in Seedi village, Patapatnam mandal, Srikakulam district. I have loved reading since childhood. BED was done with that in mind. His desire was to become a teacher. Lost his job by a narrow margin at the 1994 DSC. In 1998, the DSP wrote but stopped short of controversy. Thinking that this would not bring him a job, he started selling handloom garments on his bicycle. That did not come together. The parents died of old age. Kedareshwara Rao left despite seeing two siblings in a state of mind. He is currently living a life of begging. Recently, the authorities released the list on DSC-1998 Qualifiers, which is free from court entanglements. It contains the name of Kedareshwara Rao. But he has no information. Some young men from the village brought the matter to him. However, he is now 55 years old. He sighed as the job lasted a lifetime. These scenes are currently going tribal viral on social media.

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