Andhra Pradesh: Fail in exams .. Student jumps from college building .. What happened in the end

Tests to assess students’ abilities are taking their lives. Students commit suicide for such trivial reasons as not getting a pass, not getting the expected marks or getting a good rank. If you do not pass the exam, you will end your life as if you have lost everything. Many hopeful burglars are left with a stomach ache. The results of the latest inter-examination in Andhra Pradesh have been revealed. An Inter student committed suicide in Machilipatnam, Krishna District. Offended by failing the exam .. jumped from the top of the college building. The student sustained serious injuries in the incident. Immediately alert college owners rushed the student to the hospital for treatment. Receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot. The case is being registered and investigated.

Students’ awareness after the exam results is understandable. Do not deny. So sociologists say that education is not the only life. It is only a part of life. From Dhirubhai Ambani to Adani, they are the losers. Yet they have climbed many of the highest peaks in life. Experts say that even if we recognize that fact and move forward, it is not right to commit suicide or attempt suicide.

According to the Inter results released today, a total of 2,41,591 (54 per cent) students have passed the exam while 2,58,449 (61 per cent) students have passed the second year. In the first year, the pass percentage of boys was 49% while that of girls was 65%. In the second year, 54 per cent boys and 68 per cent girls passed. In terms of districts, Krishna district recorded the highest at 72 per cent and Kadapa at 55 per cent.

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