Andhra Pradesh: CM Jagan in a predicament of not being able to pay salaries to the police .. Union Minister fires on YCP rule

Not only the state level opposition but also the central government leaders are on fire over the YCP rule (YCP Ruling). In the past, Union Minister Bharathi Pawar has strongly criticized the government’s stance on the Arogyasree issue. Another Union Minister, Shobha CM Jagan, who had recently arrived in Anantapur, came under fire. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has been sharply criticized by Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Shobha Karandla. Jagan was incensed that debts and corruption had increased in the state during his rule. The Union Minister said that there was no chilligavva in the state treasury and questioned where the revenue coming to the state was going. He accused the CM Jagan government of being in a predicament of not even paying the minimum salaries to the police. The YCP has demanded that not a single college in the state be built during its three-year rule. In Andhra Pradesh, even though the BJP did not win a single MP seat, it was revealed that Prime Minister Modi had funded several welfare schemes. He made it clear that the state would develop only when the BJP came to power.

However, former Union Minister Bharathi Praveen Pawar has become a pioneer in the state government. Union Health Minister Bharathi Pawar, who arrived in the state on a two-day visit, inspected the Vijayawada hospital. Prime Minister Modi has slammed the lack of a photo on the Arogya Sree scheme. She strongly objected to the printing of only the photos of the late CM YS and current CM Jagan on the logo of the PMJAY-funded Arogyasree scheme run as part of the AYUSHMAN Bharat program. He showed the Arogyasree card issued by the state government to the beneficiaries and explained why there was no photo of the Prime Minister on it.

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