Andhra Pradesh: Bahabahi in the ruling YCP .. clash with the police

A clash took place between the ruling YCP in Lakkireddypalle, YSR district in Andhra Pradesh. A dispute has erupted between the two factions within the YCP over a land dispute. YCP leader Srinivasureddy, a relative of a former member of the Chinnamandem Mandal ZPTC, bought 1.05 acres of land in Lakkireddipalli in 2019. Later, as the demand for the land increased, the land was bought and registered by the followers of Lakkireddypalle MP M. Sudarshan Reddy in 2022 from the old owners. Thus the two were registered on the same land. Knowing this, Srinivasuren Reddy approached the court. He got the order in his favor. With the court order, Srinivasa Reddy along with his followers are working on the site. At this time MP Sudarshan Reddy’s community reached there. As the quarrel between the two factions escalated, the situation became tense. Receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot. Attacked each other with stones. The clash took place in front of the police. Seven people were injured in the incident.

Immediately Rayachoti DSP P. Sridhar and Lakkireddypalle CI G. Raju reached there and dispersed the two groups. The vehicle belonging to Srinivasa Reddy was destroyed in the clash. Police found deadly weapons in the vehicle. Police said Srinivasa Reddy brought a revolver to the spot. Following a mutual complaint, the police registered a case and launched an investigation.

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