Andhra Pradesh: AP government intensifies war on plastic .. Strict regulations from July 1

Plastic Ban: The AP government is intensifying the fight against plastic. Has recently issued a key directive on the use of plastics. Made it clear that everyone must abide by the rules. The fight against plastics, which have become dangerous to the environment, is intensifying day by day. The Center imposes strict restrictions on the manufacture, sale and consumption of plastics. The Center, which considers lightweight covers to be unusable for recycling and causes serious harm to the environment, has directed state governments to replace them with plastic covers only 120 microns thicker than 31 C from December 31 this year. This led to widespread raids by municipal officials on outlets manufacturing and selling plastic covers in AP.

In addition to seizing goods with a thickness of less than 75 microns, heavy fines are being imposed. The AP government has issued a fresh order banning the use of disposable plastics, especially plastic plates, glasses and tablecloths used in hotels and charities, from July 1. Authorities are already aware of this. There are currently 139 plastics industries registered with the Pollution Control Board in AP, which manufacture low-thickness carrier bags. Authorities also revoked their licenses. The AP government has issued a warning that by July 1, the consignment must be sent for recycling, otherwise no action will be taken. It suggests that traders and people must strictly abide by the rules and protect the environment.

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