Andhra Pradesh: Another honor killing case in Anantapur district .. The mother of the young woman who killed the young man

Anantapur Honor Killing Incident: A series of honor killings in Anantapur district is a matter of concern. Before the Honor Killing incident in Uravakonda was forgotten .. the same scene was repeated in Kanaganapally. The mother of a young girl who committed atrocities under the pretext that her child was married to a lower caste boy. The three youths were kidnapped as planned and then taken to a suburb where the young man was strangled to death. Going into details .. Murali from Kanaganapally .. Veenas from the same area fell in love. The adults did not approve of their marriage as the two belonged to different social groups. With this they both left home and got married. Veena’s mother, who could not digest the marriage, made threats from the beginning. Murali, who went on duty in this order, did not return home. Concerned Veena turned to the police. Meanwhile, Murali was brutally murdered. Veena burst into tears when she saw her husband lying lifeless. Alleged to have killed his mother Yashodammane.

The burglars collapsed with the murder of Murali. Hearts pounded as he brutally murdered his only son. MP Gorantla Madhav strongly condemned the assassination and criticized former minister Paritala Sunita for targeting him.

Leaders of the Kuruba community have expressed concern over Murali’s murder. We want justice. They demanded that those involved in Murali’s murder be arrested and severely punished. Police, on the other hand, are looking into the defamation from all angles.

Two honor killings in Anantapur district in a span of a few days are alarming.

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