Andhra Pradesh: ‘Amma Odi’ scheme is only for those children .. Minister Botsa who made a key announcement ..

Andhra Pradesh: State Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana made key comments on the ‘Amma Odi’ scheme. Speaking to media on Thursday, he clarified that the reduction in the number of beneficiaries of Amma Odi was untrue. Amma Odi decided that the selection of beneficiaries would be done on the basis of attendance percentage of students coming to government schools. He said the scheme would be applicable only if the children were sent to school regularly. Minister Botsa explained that the Amma Odi scheme is being applied to students who come to school regularly and have 75 per cent attendance. Former Chief Minister Jagan and the then Education Minister have made the same point many times. Now as the Minister of Education he himself is emphasizing the same thing. Amma Odi said she was not able to give the plan without going to school. Minister Botsa said the scheme was being implemented to encourage every single student to study without drop outs in schools and the guidelines on implementation were clearly stated when Amma Odi launched the scheme.

Send children into slavery ..

“Send your children to slavery. Take advantage of motherhood,” Minister Botsa appealed to the parents of the students. He said all those who are eligible should avail the facility provided by the government. The Buddhas wanted to teach children education by sending them to schools. To educate children, he said the government would always be there for them financially. He said that through the Nadu-Today program, public schools are being transformed into corporate and private schools. In addition to academic teaching, Baijus says we are developing skills in children.

The pass percentage in Intermediate has not decreased.

Minister Botsa said the pass percentage in Intermediate has not decreased this year. Inter said the pass percentage is now higher than in the year 2019. Kovid said in the background that the pass percentage in the tenth class results this year has come down and now we are giving the same status by conducting the exams again. He said if there is a shortage of teachers it will be met. We are taking action without any shortage of teachers in schools and colleges. Minister Botsa explained that two thousand rupees would be taken for setting up and maintaining other facilities for watchmen to improve sanitation in schools.

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