Anakapalle: The quail is small, the coot is solid.

AP News: Life is a game adventure Poobata Says a squirrel who is dusting in horse riding. This buddy is a perfect match for the proverbial quail, a little quail. Ento showed his talent and became a local celebrity. Riding a horse with lightning speed, he feels like ‘this little knife is coming’. Everyone has talent. The time and context must come to unleash that talent. Some people are eager to unleash their talent even when they are out of age. Are pushed back in fear. However, Chicharapidugu from Thimmapuram village seems to be doing an amazing adventure at a young age. He grabbed a horse belt at a fairly speechless age. Horse teasing means a lot to him. That’s why he rides bustling every day. By the time he was five, his uncle had learned all the skills of horseback riding. Leaping like a superhero on horseback .. Warewwa feels.

Joshit Chhatrapati is only five years old and hails from Thimmapuram village in Anakapalle district. He is not a rice eater unless he has been making Magadheera movies since childhood. Magadheera is always trying to make a movie no matter what he is doing. It was in that spirit that Buddodi became interested in horseback riding. With this, his parents also encouraged him to adapt to his passion. Joshit started riding a horse at the age of 3. Now he is out on horseback.

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