Aiadmk Power Politics: Will the AIADMK General Assembly take place? -What is the decision of the court?

A letter written by O. Panneerselvam to AIADMK co-coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy asking him to adjourn the AIADMK general body meeting has been filed in the Chennai Licensing Court.

With the AIADMK general body meeting scheduled to be held on June 23, Dindigul S. Suryamoorthy had filed a case in the Chennai Licensing Court claiming that he was an AIADMK member, seeking an injunction against the general body meeting.

AIADMK co-ordinator O. Panneerselvam and co-coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy had filed rejection petitions seeking rejection of the petition. The case was adjourned till July 22.

In this context, the petition to be filed on behalf of Suryamoorthy to hear the case in advance came up for hearing today before the Fourth Assistant Licensing Judge Priya.

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Attorney Rajalakshmi Ajaraki, appearing for the OPS at the time, argued that the petition against the meeting should be considered out of date as he had written a letter to co-coordinator Edappadi Palanisamy seeking the adjournment of the public meeting.

The OPS said that the co-ordinator and co-coordinator could convene the general assembly together, but had written a letter to himself as the co-ordinator to postpone the general assembly. Argued on behalf of.

AIADMK spokesperson Vijaya Prasanth appeared and said that petitioner Suriyamoorthy was not a member of the party. It was strongly objected to by the petitioner and it was argued that there was no evidence that he was a member.

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At that time a request was made on behalf of their son Tamil Hussein, Dindigul Srinivasan, former Speaker Danapal and others for an opportunity to file a reply petition.

Following this, Judge Priya adjourned the hearing till tomorrow, ordering all the petitioners to respond to the petition seeking a preliminary hearing of the case seeking stay of the public hearing.

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