Aiadmk Fight: End in three days … Vaithilingam OpenTalk standing on the OPS page!

At the AIADMK general body meeting held in Chennai the day before yesterday (June 23), none of the 23 resolutions already planned were passed.

Meanwhile, it was announced that the General Committee had unanimously elected Tamilmagan Hussain as the AIADMK leader. AIADMK leader Tamilmagan Hussain has announced that a resolution to add a single leadership to the party will be added and a general meeting will be held on July 11.

However, the OPS has said that the public meeting, which was held outside the law, was invalid. In this context, the former ministers, who are supporters of the EPS, met Edappadi Palanisamy this morning at his residence on Greenway Road in Chennai and held consultations.

After the meeting, AIADMK ex-minister CV Shanmugam told reporters, “As soon as the election of co-ordinator and co-ordinator is announced on 2.12.2021, their tenure expires. They have to get approval from the general body after being elected without contest.”

OBS post has expired: CV Shanmugam talk!
But all 23 resolutions were brought and ignored and their posts expired. Therefore, they are currently only the Treasurer and the Headquarters Secretary. “

Commenting on CV Shanmugam’s comment, Vaithilingam, an OBS supporter and co – ordinator, told reporters in Thanjavur, “CV Shanmugam’s statement is not in line with the law. I will give a detailed explanation soon.

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There are currently no plans to approach the Supreme Court or the Election Commission over the General Assembly issue. The decision on how to lead the party will be taken in three days.

The court and the Election Commission have intervened in party affairs. No one can say that the court or the Election Commission should not interfere in party affairs, ”Vaithilingam said.

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