AIADMK demands single leadership … What does the leader say?

At the AIADMK general body meeting held today in a tense atmosphere in Vanakaram, Chennai, a resolution was passed declaring Tamilmagan Hussain, who was the interim chairman of the party, as the chairman of the permanent council.

His party plans to hold the next general assembly on July 11 with the chairman as the sole leader of the AIADMK.

However, AIADMK co-ordinator KP Munuswamy has announced that all the 23 resolutions to be passed in the General Assembly today will be canceled.

In this context, Tamilmagan Hussain told reporters in Chennai today:

The General Assembly is not valid: OPS side tadaladi!
The AIADMK co-ordinator and co-coordinator have appointed me as their chairman. It will be known later whether I will attend the OPS general meeting on July 11.

But at that meeting, the demand for a one-room leadership for the party would be met with the support of a majority of General Committee members.

Can the AIADMK leader announce the general body meeting?
Coordinator Panneerselvam was not sidelined by anyone from the party. The condolence resolution was passed at today’s general body meeting
Hussein said the petition filed by 2,190 members of the General Committee would be announced at the next public meeting.

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