WPL 2023 Points Table: As seen somewhere! Mumbai first RCB lost in the points table!

WPL 2023 Points Table: As seen somewhere!  Mumbai first RCB lost in the points table!

WPL 2023 Points Table: 

Women‌ Premier‌ League‌ It is going smoothly. All teams are working hard to achieve success. Some  teams are dominating while others are struggling. Mumbai Indians‌ The pilgrimage continues. On the other hand Royal‌ Challengers‌ Bangalore are still waiting for their first win. So far seven matches have been completed in the league. And who got how many points? Who’s in Which Place?

Women’s Premiere‌ Mumbai Indians did not win in the league. First Match‌ It has been dominating ever since. If all is said and done the final‌ Play for sure! So far they have played three matches and won three. Those are huge wins! With this, 6 points, 4.228 run rate is the top position. Runs in the race 
Delhi Capitals‌ It is also supported. Won two out of three matches. 4 points, second with 0.965 run rate. Royal‌ Challengers‌ Bengaluru beat UP Warriors by a landslide. Play Offs‌ Running in the race.

UP Warriors‌ It is in the third place. So far they have played two matches and won one and lost one. In the first battle Gujarat‌ Giants won with one ball to spare. Defeated at the hands of DC. 2 points, continuing with -0.864 run rate.

Gujarat‌ Giants‌ Mokkavoni’s self-confidence 
No matter how many setbacks, Gujarat‌ Giants‌ But it is standing strong. Mokkavoni is competing against the rivals with confidence. First match‌ Apart from that, she played brilliantly in the other two. So far three matches have been played and two lost and one won. 2 points, -2.327 run rate‌ in the fourth position in the points table.

Bangalore is in a strange situation! 
Women‌ Premier‌ Royal‌ Challengers‌ Bangalore is a strange situation! Even if the team is full of stars, the door of victory is not knocking. More than 200 targets had to be broken in all the three games played. Completely failing in bowling. That did not get any points. Finished last with a run rate of -2.263.

With incredible stars on the field, we asked people to create their own WPL dream team filled with their favorite players!

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