World Cup schedule cannot be changed.. BCCI told HCA

World Cup schedule cannot be changed.. BCCI told HCA

It is learned that the Hyderabad Cricket Association has brought to the attention of the BCCI that it will be difficult to organize three ODI World Cup matches in five days at the Hyderabad Uppal venue. The matches between Pakistan – Netherlands on October 6, New Zealand – Netherlands on October 9 and Pakistan – Sri Lanka on October 10 will be held at Uppal. With this, if the matches are to be held on consecutive days, there is a possibility of problems in providing security. HCA has written a letter to BCCI to change the schedule.

However, BCCI rejected the appeal of Hyderabad Cricket Association. It has made it clear that there is no need to change the ODI World Cup schedule under any circumstances. As the time for the start of the mega tournament is approaching, it has been decided to change the schedule in the current situation. BCCI Vice-President Rajeev Shukla said that there will be no changes in the schedule of matches to this extent. In fact, many states have asked to change the schedule originally announced. With this, the ICC has recently released a new schedule, changing the schedule of 9 matches. The BCCI said that when everything was going well, the HCA asked for a change in the schedule, but it could not be changed. With this, the HCA elders who had high hopes on the changes in the dates of the World Cup matches got a shock.

Hyderabad’s Uppal Stadium will host three matches as part of the ODI World Cup. But the HCA has objected to having two matches on October 9 and October 10 on consecutive dates. The players will not have an opportunity to practice the match and have appealed to the BCCI to change the date of one match. But BCCI did not agree to that.

BCCI Vice President Rajeev Shukla said..
“There have been appeals for the schedule change of the World Cup matches to be held in Hyderabad. But changing the schedule is not that easy. The schedule change is not in the hands of the BCCI alone. The teams, ICC and cricket associations have to discuss and take a decision together. The schedule change may not happen.” He said.

HCA officials have focused on security arrangements in the wake of BCCI’s clarification that the schedule will not be changed. The city police have already spoken to the commissioner. HCA sources said that the Commissioner has given an assurance regarding security.

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