When will ‘Deepak Sahar’ arrive? Just a few more weeks: BCCI Info… The only problem!

Before the IPL series, Deepak Sahar, who was playing in the T20 series against Sri Lanka, suddenly suffered a muscle strain in his right thigh.

Thus, the Chennai Super Kings team will be auctioned for Rs 14 crore in the IPL, but he could not participate. Initially, it was announced that he would be joining the team in the middle of the 15th season, after which it was reported that he had left the IPL altogether.

Many people began to question whether normal muscle cramps were the cause of the problem. Following this, Deepak Sahar, who was undergoing treatment at the Bangalore National Cricket Academy, was diagnosed with a back injury. That is to say, while he was receiving treatment for a muscle spasm problem, it was reported that he suffered an injury in the back training only when he was engaged in training, after recovering somewhat.

When will he recover?

He was not included in the South African T20 series after the IPL due to a series of injuries. Next, he was not included in the Indian squad for the Ireland T20 series.

Meanwhile, the Bangalore National Cricket Academy has announced when Deepak Sahar will be fully fit. Yes, Deepak Sahar has said that he will fully recover in the next 6 weeks.

The problem:

The Indian squad for the T20, ODI series against England will be announced within the next 6 weeks. It is said that Deepak Sahar will not be able to participate in this year’s T20 World Cup series as only those in the team will be selected for the T20 World Cup.

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