When Andrew Symonds proposed to Pooja Mishra in ‘Bigg Boss’, learned how to make vegetable-roti

Every sports lover is shocked by the news of the death of Australia’s star cricketer Andrew Symonds. No one is sure that Andrew Symonds is no more in this world. Andrew was in a lot of discussion not only because of his playing style but also because of the white cream on the lips and the braided hair. Apart from cricket, he worked in Bollywood and also appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 5’ (Andrew Symonds in Bigg Boss 5).

Andrew Symonds joined as a guest contestant in ‘Bigg Boss 5’ hosted by Salman Khan. He stayed in the house for about 11 days. Andrew Symonds did not know Hindi, so Pooja Mishra was brought in as his translator. Andrew Symonds had absolutely no idea what would happen inside until he entered the Bigg Boss house. But when he left and stayed for 11 days, Andrew Symonds’s attitude towards the world and family changed. He did all the things and learned many things from which he had never been brought up.

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When Pooja Mishra was proposed, desi style won her heart
Andrew Symonds even proposed Pooja Mishra in the Bigg Boss house. Actually it happened during a task. During the given task, Andrew Symonds proposed Pooja Mishra with a flower. In the task, Andrew Symonds was asked to propose two people. Apart from Pooja Mishra, he proposed Shonali Nagrani in a very desi style. The family members were also stunned to see Andrew Symonds’s desi style.

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Andrew came out after 11 days and said – the importance of family is now known
When Andrew Symonds came out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house after 11 days, he learned a lot. In an interview, he told that he learned to make Indian vegetables along with roti at home. Andrew Symonds had told that after being in Bigg Boss he came to know how sensitive Indian people are. This game was life changing for Andrew Symonds. He had told that it was only after coming to Bigg Boss that he came to know what is the importance of family. Little things and happiness matter so much.

Andrew Symonds was part of ‘Bigg Boss’ because

When Andrew Symonds was asked why he went on ‘Bigg Boss’, he replied, ‘I love coming to India. I have a lot of friends here and I spend a good time here. I have a relationship with India and I will keep coming here as well.