‘What to score a century’ க்கு Let’s delete the next 14 matches: Will this happen from Rishabh Banda? Indian player angry!

Despite their talents, many of the Indian players who consistently exhibit excellent play do not get opportunities on a regular basis. Take Kuldeep Yadav for example. He was abruptly overlooked during the special bowling period.

Various players like Sanju Samson and Rahul Tripathi are also on the list. Prominent among them is Manoj Tiwari, the current West Bengal Sports Minister.

Manoj Tiwari boycott:

He made the Indian team in 2008 and has played in just 12 ODIs and 3 T20Is in 7 years. He did not get a chance to be a regular in those 12 ODIs. Only occasionally was he included in the XI squad.

Interview with Manoj Tiwari:

He is now open-minded about not getting such a continuous opportunity in this situation. “It’s okay now. There is a chance of losing 4-5 matches. During the time I was playing, if there were current BCCI executives, I would have had the opportunity to be a regular. Why I say this is because even though I scored a hundred in the game against the West Indies, it did not include me in the next 14 matches. Adul Leven was not given a chance. ”

World Record:

He added, “The then BCCI selectors and executives must respond. I will ask the question. Dismissed someone in 14 matches after scoring a century, which never happened. This is a world record. Next, when I was back in the team I added 4 wickets and 65 runs ”

If the current administration was:

“It simply came to our notice then. I have been tormented many times by the thought of this. If he had given me a lot of opportunities, I would have definitely amassed runs. If the present administration had been then, it would have certainly happened. Now, whether they take wickets or not, they have a chance to continue. ”

“Rishabh take the ball. There are so many criticisms on him. Was he fired? Coach Rahul Dravid is interviewing him as a supporter, ”the former Indian cricketer told the current Kolkata Sports Minister.

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