What is the benefit of scoring a half century bro.. Netizens’ reaction on Delhi’s defeat

What is the benefit of scoring a half century bro.. Netizens’ reaction on Delhi’s defeat
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In the Indian Premier League, Delhi Capitals player Prithvi Shah scored a half century in the match against Punjab on Wednesday. But apart from this match this season the young opener has not done much. Pant missed this season after getting injured in a road accident. Along with David Warner, Prithvi will be expected to give Delhi Capitals a good start in the batting. What happened was the fraction received.

Analysts have expressed the opinion that he will play a key role in Delhi’s success with his excellent performance this season and that he will excel in this season and consolidate his position in Team India. But this Delhi opener turned the expectations upside down and showed a terrible performance. If he failed to win the team, he lost his place in the final team. The Delhi team did not get their first win till the sixth match of this season. Fans criticized that Prithvisha was also a reason for that.

Prithvisha, who has played 7 matches so far this season, has scored 101 runs. If we remove the half century (52 runs, 38 balls) in the match against Punjab, he scored only 47 runs in the remaining 6 matches. He lost his place in the team. Everyone thought that Prithvisha, who lost her place in the final team due to her bad performance, has no chance to step into the field again this season. Exceptionally, he scored a half century in the match against Punjab. A good start with David Warner. He participated in the success of the team. He registered his first half-century of the season.

It is known that the Delhi Capitals team is already far away from the play-offs race in the mega tournament. Having played 13 matches, the Delhi team has won 5 and is at the 9th position in the points table. With this, Prithvisha is making comments on social media that what is the benefit of playing after everything is over. They are tweeting that if this game was played a little earlier, the situation would have been different. Some are posting in support of Prithvisha. Comments are being made that any player will lose form and show his strength again. Prithvi is also happy that he has returned.

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