What is Diamond Duck and Golden Duck? People are asking these questions when KL Rahul got out without playing the ball

Golden Duck, Diamond Duck: The 53rd match of the 15th season of IPL is being played between Lucknow Super Giants and Kolkata Knight Riders on Saturday. KKR captain Shreyas Iyer won the toss and decided to bowl first. Lucknow captain KL Rahul, who batted brilliantly in the tournament, could not even open the account in this match. He became the victim of Diamond Duck. Shreyas runs him out in the very first over. In this news we are telling you about Golden Duck and Diamond Duck.

In the very first over, when KL Rahul was on non-strike, Quinton de Kock tried to push for a run, but he stopped as soon as he took the start, till then Rahul had left his crease. However, the ball was directly in the hands of Shreyas Iyer. In such a situation, he made Rahul run out by hitting him directly. After KL Rahul got out on a diamond duck, different types of reactions came out on social media. Linking this to Athiya Shetty, a user wrote – ‘Diamond ring was talked about not ‘Diamond Duck’.

What is Diamond Duck
Whenever a batsman is out for zero in cricket, he is given the title of Duck. It is said that the player is out on a duck. Apart from this, if the batsman returns to the pavilion on the first ball, then it is called a golden duck. On the other hand, when a batsman gets out without playing any ball, it is called a Diamond Duck. According to this term, when a batsman stands at the non-striker’s end and is dismissed for zero without taking a run, it is called a Diamond Duck.

Where did the word Duck come from
If a player is stumped on the wide ball on the first ball during batting, it will still be considered a Diamond Duck. In cricket, this word was used many years before the beginning of Test cricket. During a cricket match played on 17 July 1866, the Prince of Wales was dismissed for zero, after which a newspaper had given the headline, ‘Prince Retired to The Royal Pavilion On a Duck’s Egg (Prince ‘Duck’s Egg’). But returned to the royal pavilion after getting out.) Since then the word duck has been associated with cricket.

Goal‍Dun Duck
When a bat‍Laser is out without scoring on the very first ball of his innings, it is called Goal‍Dun Duck. When the batsman is out on the second ball without scoring a run, it is called a silver and a duck.  At the same time, the term bronze duck is used on the lines of golden and silver. When a player is out on the third ball of his innings without scoring a run.

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