Viral Video: Team India Reached Hamilton – Did you see Arsh Deep’s Bhangra Dance!

Viral Video: Team India Reached Hamilton – Did you see Arsh Deep’s Bhangra Dance!

Viral Video:  Team India will face New Zealand in the second ODI on November 27. For this the team reached Hamilton, the venue of the match. A win in this will keep the series hopes alive. India lost the first ODI in the three-match series. Arshadeep Singh, the young pacer of the Indian team who reached Hamilton, danced Bhangra. Now it has gone viral. Arshadeep, who failed to impress in the first ODI, hopes to bounce back in the second ODI. Arhadeep made his ODI debut in the last match. But this young pacer failed to impress in that game. He failed to take wickets and control runs. He gave 68 runs in 8.1 overs.  

Usually Arshadeep bowls sparingly in power play and death overs. Also looks effective. However, he lost in the first match. The Hamilton ground, where the second ODI will be played, will suit the seam in the first 10 overs. So Arshadeep will be crucial on that pitch. In the first ODI, the Indian bowlers managed to take only 3 wickets. So to win this match and keep the hopes of the series, all the bowlers have to perform together. 

Hello from Hamilton 👋📍 | #NZvIND

— BCCI (@BCCI) November 26, 2022

Team India is ready for the second ODI against New Zealand! Hamilton‌ The venue will be against the host team on Sunday. Gabbar‌ Sena must win the second ODI to stay in this series. Or series‌ Kiwis‌ will be possessed. India‌ Reply?

Batting‌ OK!

Batting‌ In terms of team ‌Leve no problem for India‌! Shikhar Dhawan, Shubh Man Gil‌ Greetings. They are playing consistently and increasing their aggression. Shreyas‌ Iyer‌ He is taking every opportunity. He almost reached a century the other day. Suryakumar‌ The game is known. Intent‌ Did I miss any other problem Rishabh Pant‌ Not playing up to his level. What is expected from him is output. Another one is coming. Sanju Samson‌ Finisher‌ Fixed to roll‌ Batting depending on the situation‌ is doing In the first ODI, Washington‌ Sundar‌ He was impressed with his aggression.

Something different in the bowling!

Team India is having difficulty in taking wickets. Bowlers who are performing well in some matches are raising their hands in crucial matches. Jammu Speed‌ster‌ Umran‌ Malik‌ Impressed in the first ODI. He took two wickets with his speed. Arshadeep‌ It’s okay. Left‌ hand‌ Seemer‌ Being in a team is crucial. Sometimes he is unable to take wickets. Shardul‌ Thakur‌ Did not perform as expected. Kiwis‌ Batter‌ Tom‌ Latham‌ He played his bowling. Perhaps in the second ODI he will be replaced by Deepak‌ Can take chahar‌ Sundar‌ It’s okay. UG also has more runs lately. is giving.

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