Viral Video: Joe Root invented a new technique to make the old ball shine – have you seen it!

Viral Video:  A funny scene took place in the match between Pakistan and England teams at Rawalpindi. The work done by the former captain of the English team, Joe Root, is making people laugh on the net. What has he done so far…

After almost 17 years, he came to visit England and Pakistan. After a decade and a half, the fans thought that the match between these two teams in Pakistan would be a juicy one. But the lifeless pitch resulted in a deluge of runs in the first Test. Seven centuries have already been registered. England players scored 4 centuries and Pakistan players scored 3 centuries. This match is going towards a shallow draw. But the work done by former England captain Joe Root became the highlight in this match. 

Earlier they used to rub spit on the old ball to make it shiny. But after Corona, spitting on the ball was banned. In this order, Joe Root invented a new technique to shine the ball. On the third day, Root was fielding while his team’s bowlers were bowling. Will Jacks ends his over. By then 72 overs were over. Then Ollie Robinson came in to bowl. Root then hammered the ball over his teammate Jack Leach’s bald head. The sweat on the head sticks to the ball. Then Root tried to shine the ball by rubbing it hard with a hand kerchief. 

Now Root‌ This work done is social‌ It has become viral in the media. Shine the ball Root‌ Pakistan claims to have invented a new method. Cricket‌ The board took to its official Twitter‌ This video has been posted on the account. Fans are making crazy comments on this. 

What an innovative way to shine the ball!! 🤣🤣🤣

Joe Root 🔥🔥

— Prasenjit Dey (@CricPrasen) December 4, 2022

England 4…Pak 3

Pak 499 for 7 at the end of the third day of the first Test between England and Pakistan did Four Englishmen in the first innings running a flood of runs on a lifeless pitch. When the batsmen made centuries.. as if they were less than three Pak The players received a triple digit score. Over‌night‌ Innings with the score 181/0‌ Shafiq, who continued Pak‌ (114; 13×4, 3×6 off 203 balls), Imamul‌ Haq‌ (121; 15×4, 2×6) from 207 balls and took it forward with centuries. Both of them turned back and Babur‌ Azam‌ (136; 19×4, 1×6 off 168 balls) took charge. He who scored a century was Azhar‌ Ali (27), Shakeel‌ (37), Rizwan‌ With (29) he crossed the score of 450 runs. Pak‌ in better condition with 413/3 They lost 4 wickets with a difference of 86 runs. At the end of the game Salman‌ (15), Zahid‌ (1) are in the crease. Pak‌ Still 158 runs behind. England‌ Among the bowlers Jacks‌ 3, Leach‌ 2 wickets taken.


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