Vinod Kambli: Hearing the pain of Vinod Kambli, this person’s heart melted, offered 1 lakh months

Mumbai: A cricketer spends his childhood in poverty. He did not have proper living arrangements. Travels a long way to learn cricket. He didn’t even have a complete kit. From here he reaches the IPL and the Indian team. We have heard many such stories. But in the last few days, on the contrary, the news of Vinod Kambli is coming. Kambli, who was the star batsman of Indian cricket, is going through a difficult time. Once Kambli’s lifestyle was discussed but today his family is living in Mumbai with a pension of Rs 30,000 from BCCI.

had asked for a job
Vinod Kambli recently told in an interview that his family is going through a very difficult time. They are in great need of jobs. Kambli had demanded a job from the Mumbai Cricketers Association. Vinod Kambli is a childhood friend of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history. Both had earned a lot of name in school cricket. Kambli’s career started well for India too.

job offer
Vinod Kambli has been in constant discussion since the news came. Now he has got a job offer. A businessman from Maharashtra has offered him a job. This businessman named Sandeep Thorat has also talked about giving him a salary of one lakh rupees. Although this job is not related to cricket. Kambli has been offered a job in the finance department of Sahyadri Industries Group in Mumbai.

Waiting for Kambli’s reply
Vinod Kambli is the fastest batsman to score 1000 runs in Tests for India. He completed thousand runs by playing just one more innings than Sir Don Bradman. So far he has not responded to the businessman’s offer.

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