Umran Malik’s father said that my son will play for India, Shami said – more time to become a good bowler

New Delhi: Umran Malik took 15 wickets in his first eight matches of IPL 2022, including a brilliant 5/25 paw against Gujarat Titans, but in his last three matches the 22-year-old pacer has been content with no wickets. His father Abdul Rashid Malik believes that IPL 2022 is a part of Umran’s learning curve to become a better player. Hopefully Umran will play for the national team in future.

Rashid said, ‘Our child is getting to learn a lot. We wish him to work harder and learn a lot in future. In the times to come, we hope that he will play for India and do well. Seeing Umran bowling fast in Jammu, Rashid recalled that the atmosphere around his house looked as if Eid had arrived early.

He further said, ‘Our Eid was celebrated on the day Umran bowled fast. What could be more joyous than this. Everyone in our neighborhood was happy, the whole of India was rejoicing that our child was doing well. We just hope that he plays for the country in future and makes the country proud.

Umran, who has come under fire for not picking up any wickets in the last three matches, has come under attack from Gujarat pacer Mohammed Shami, saying it will take him some more time to mature as a pacer. Shami said, ‘I agree that he has the pace, but personally, I am not a big fan of him. I believe if you can bowl at 140kmph and swing the ball both ways, it is enough to trouble the batsmen. He has incredible pace but he still needs some more time to mature.