Today in History: The Mayo Islands Team That Astonished The World: Can You Forget What Happened At Lord’s?

The first World Cup series was held in 1975. The series was a 60-over affair, rife in England.

Australia and the West Indies qualified for the final of the lively series. The final took place on June 21, 1975.

Australia won the toss and elected to bowl first.

May Islands Innings:

The top order batsmen did not perform well in the first fielding West Indies squad. Thus, when the team was 50/3, Kankai and Captain Lloyd formed a mega partnership and started adding runs. In the end, Kankai scored 55 off 105 balls while Liat scored 102 off 85 balls, including 12 fours and 2 sixes.

Tail Enders Boys 34 (37) and Julian 26 (37) added some runs in the next final. As a result, the West Indies were bowled out for 291/8 in 60 overs.

Aussie innings:

The Australians chased down the target and advanced. Opener Turner 40 (54) and Ondown batsman Ian Chappell 62 (93) performed well and led the team to victory.

Boise then bowled profusely and took a series of crucial wickets. Thus the team’s score, which was 115/3, became 231/8. At that point, Tail Enders Walker 7 (9) and Thompson 21 (21) were run out in succession and gave a shock.

Thus, it was in vain that middle order batsman Edwards 28 (37) stood firm until the end. The Australian team added 274/10 and missed the trophy by just 17 runs due to two runs out.

The West Indies team wins their first World Cup.

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