Tim Paine’s sensational decision to resign as Australia Test captain


  • Tim Payne resigns as Australia Test team captain
  • Tim Payne sent a text message to a woman in 2017
  • Payne will take over as Test team captain in March 2018
  • Goodbye to the captaincy ahead of the Ashes Test series

Australia Test team captain Tim Payne made a sensational decision. Ahead of the prestigious Ashes Test series between England and Australia from December 8, he announces his resignation from the Test team captaincy ahead of the series. Cricket Australia (CA) has confirmed that Tim Paine, who sent obscene photos and messages to a Colleague woman four years ago, was at fault. Tim Paine stated that he was unworthy to be captain in this context.

In 2018, the then Australia captain Steve Smith was caught in a ball tampering scandal. The CA removed him from the captaincy. With that .. Tim Paine took over as Test team captain. But .. he is already accused of sending obscene messages to a woman. But .. with no other alternative .. the CA handed him the captaincy responsibilities. But .. as the case was recently proved .. he resigned from the captaincy out of moral responsibility.

“Australia is stepping down as Test captain. It was a very tough decision. But .. for me .. it is good for my family, for Australian cricket. What is the reason for this decision? Four years ago I sent a text message to my colleague. It was investigated by the CA. In this order I was found to have violated the rules of Cricket Australia (CA). I’m sorry I made that mistake, “said Tim Payne.


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