Tim Paine was trapped by sending an obscene picture, now his wife has told his heart

Australian cricketer Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie said on Sunday that she was disappointed to see her husband step down as captain ahead of the Ashes series. Paine stepped down as captain on November 19, three weeks before the start of the Ashes series, over the text exchange controversy, as he deeply regrets the controversy over the issue.

“I deeply regret this controversy, even after I received a clean chit from the Cricket Australia Integrity Unit’s investigation,” Penn told a news conference in Hobart. I spoke to my wife and family at that time. I am very grateful for his apology and support. He further said, ‘We thought this controversy was over and I was completely focused on the team, as I have done for the last three or four years. However, I recently learned that this private text exchange has become public.’ On Sunday, Penn’s wife, Bonnie, told The Sunday Telegraph she was disappointed as the controversy had been publicly broadcast.

Before the Ashes, Tim Paine left the captaincy of Australia, sent obscene messages to the woman, pictures went viral

Maggs, while talking to ‘News Corp’ with her husband, said, ‘I had vented my anger and anger on this matter. We fought and talked. After which we decided to leave it behind and move forward and we decided to do so together. ‘ He said, ‘I feel a little disappointed because we left it behind years ago and made it public again. I think it is quite unjust to drag this issue again.

Australia’s veteran wicketkeeper had also admitted his mistake in the 2017 press conference for the matter. Maggs admitted that she was shocked to hear about the incident. She said, ‘I was feeling deceived. I was hurt, disappointed. But I also had feelings of gratitude because he was so honest with me.’


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