This Russian player left his country to play in Wimbeldon, now the flag of another country will land on the court

A Russian female tennis player has changed her citizenship and acquired citizenship of another country to avoid a ban at Wimbledon. This player will no longer play under the flag of Russia in the third Grand Slam of the year, but with the citizenship of Georgia, the name of this player is Natella Dzalamidze. The English newspaper The Times has given information about this in its report. This player will now play in the women’s doubles category in the grass court tournament under the flag of Georgia and its partner will be Aleksandar Krunic of Serbia. Wimbledon is starting from 27th June.

The organizers of Wimbledon had informed in April that players from Russia and Belarus would not play in this tournament. The reason for this is Russia attacking Ukraine and Belarus supporting Russia. That is why Natella has changed her citizenship to participate in this big tournament.

WTA’s case

An All England Club spokesperson said about this that they cannot do anything in the matter of Natella as it is a matter of Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and International Tennis Federation. He also said that the player has completed all the necessary entry requirements. The spokesperson said, “The citizenship of a player is determined by the flag under which he plays in any professional event. This is an approved process that Tours and ITF observe.”

This hasn’t happened in any other Grand Slam.

Many people have not liked Wimbledon’s banning of players from Russia and Belarus. WTA and ATP have removed ranking points from this tournament. Apart from Wimbledon, no other Grand Slam has done this. Last week, the US Open said it would allow players from Russia and Belarus to play under neutral flags. Due to the ban of Wimbledon, many big players will not play in this big tournament. It includes Daniil Medvedev of Russia. Apart from him, the name of Victoria Azarenka is also included in this.

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