This new format of cricket will rock, West Indies is preparing to bring revolution, women and men will clash together

West Indies Cricket and Caribbean Premier League together are preparing to bring a new format of cricket. This format will be known as The Sixty – Cricket Power Games. In the first edition of this format, men’s and women’s teams will face each other in a 60-ball tournament and it is expected that the tournament will feature the best cricketers from around the world. At the same time, this year the title sponsor of this tournament will be SkyX.

It is believed that it will emerge as a revolutionary format in cricket which can completely replace T10. This new format will be completely fast and action packed.

Let us know what is the rule of this new format and how it will work-

  • All batting team will have a total of 6 wickets in the match, if the 6th wicket falls, the team will be considered all out.

  • The batting teams will have two power plays, but if a team hits two sixes in the first 12 balls, it will also be able to take a third power play. This extra power play available in the innings can be availed anytime between 3 to 9 overs.

  • The bowling edge can be changed in the last 30 overs only after at least 30 balls have been bowled at any one end of the innings. The 30 balls will be done as 5 separate overs, with no bowler bowling more than 2 overs for the innings.

  • During the match, if the teams do not complete their overs within the stipulated time, then a member of the team will be taken off the field during the last 6 balls.

  • The match will have the concept of ‘mystery free hit’ in which fans will vote for free hits which will happen at a fixed time. During this the batsman will not be able to get out.

Let us tell you that this new format will be started in St Kitts and Nevis from 24 to 28 August this year. At the same time, keeping in mind the expansion of this tournament and its related plans in future, it will be organized in different places of West Indies.

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