This is the signal given by the field umpire on the arrival of an impact player in IPL.. Like the details of the rules

This is the signal given by the field umpire on the arrival of an impact player in IPL.. Like the details of the rules
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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced the Impact Player rule to make the Indian Premier League (IPL) more attractive. As the IPL 2023 season matches will start from March 31, BCCI will introduce the Impact Player Rule from this season. In the ongoing Women’s Premier League-2023, the rules have been amended to require DRS on wide and noball decisions given by umpires. BCCI also says that the impact player rule will also impress the fans more.

So what is an impact player? Before the match, the captain after the toss gives the list of 11 players in the final team along with the list of four substitute players to the match officials and the opposing team. So far only those 11 are likely to play in the match. The remaining four substitute players.. What if someone in the final squad gets injured? They used to come into the ground and field. If any player suffered a concussion (hit by the ball and hit his head) then one of those four would be brought into the playing 11 as a concussion substitute and made to field along with batting and bowling. But.. what is an impact player? One of those four substitute players can be played mid-match without any restrictions. The umpire must be informed before the impact player is included in the team.

Impact Player can be played subject to certain restrictions. What are they? Not taking an impact player in the middle of the over suddenly. But.. At the beginning of the innings, after the end of the over, the impact player can be played immediately after the fall of the wicket. However.. Once a player is replaced by an impact player, he cannot be played in the match again. Above all, an Indian player should be taken as an impact player. Because usually IPL final team should not have more than four foreign players. What if there are only three foreign players in the final squad? Then a foreign player can be taken as an impact player.

The captain of the team should inform the umpire before taking the impact player. After receiving such information, the umpire raises his two hands in a cross up to the top of the head. Then the impact player enters the field.

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