The Most Popular Cricket Trophies

There are several different cricket leagues played all around the world, with the biggest factor being the competition for the Trophy, which is mostly the bone of contention. In cricket, Trophies indicate victory and are the bragging points of every team. The major Trophies around the world are listed below. 

Premier League of India cup

It is a well-liked athletic occasion in India and great for the image of cricket in general. Young athletes, Indian players, and incredibly expensive international athletes are all on the same team in this competition. For two extended months, the competition is held as a summer spectacle. There have been six seasons, and almost everyone has made headlines. It also sparks a lot of disagreements. However, there is still a combination of splendor, grandeur, and glamour in this cricket competition.

Twenty20 Champions League Trophy

Each year, the top cricketing nations compete in this event. It is owned by three countries: the BCCI, Cricket Australia, and Cricket South Africa. Competing against one another are all domestic teams with inexperienced and seasoned players. It is an excellent presentation because the teams are performing so well. As described, it is the next stage or level of the IPL.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The world cup’s best match is played at this tournament, one of the notable and important events that occur every four years. The event comprises four phases since every cricketer’s goal is to represent their country with pride and respect. The squad gives the tournament their all to win the title.

The ICC Champions Cup

The iconic World Cup is the most important event, followed by this ICC-sponsored occasion. Before receiving this name, it was always known as the ICC Knockout competition. Additionally, there is a small world cup. Sadly, this is the final trophy from the 2013 Champions to cross the finish line. The inclusion of this cricket tournament such as   in the top 10 most watched cricket tournaments makes sense.

Ashes Series Cup

The Ashes refers to the great conflict between two countries and two continents. England and Australia are fierce rivals. The name of this competition has a slightly curious origin. One of the journalists wrote an obituary “in loving remembrance of English cricket, who died at The Oval” when England lost to Australia in 1882. After the body was cremated, the ashes were shipped to Australia. England vowed to reclaim the ashes after it became evident that Australia was the dominant team, which they did in the next series.

NatWest Series Cup

An international one-day tournament exclusive to England is one of the best in cricket. It began in 2000 and was sponsored by National Westminster Bank. In a triangular series where each team plays the other twice, the top two teams face off in the finals at Lords, The Mecca of Cricket, and one of the best cricket stadiums in the world. The most notable matchup was the 2004 championship game. India made an ambitious 324-point goal against England. No one will forget dada’s shirt-twirling antics in the Lord’s gallery until the game is launched.

T20 World Cup

The prize, which weighs 7.5 kilograms and is the most popular contest, has already witnessed some of the biggest cricket sixes. There, you can find the best sources of fun and pleasure. 2011 saw the start of the first competition, which India unexpectedly won. This structure significantly impacted India in this way. And the T20 World Cup swiftly became one of the most prestigious cricket competitions across the world.

Asia Cup

As its name suggests, it includes every country in Asia, including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. It is a highly well-known cricket match founded in 1984 by the Asian Cricket Council. Some of the tensest moments in this event, which is now the biggest on the Asian continent, have already occurred during the India vs. Pakistan cricket match. It hasn’t happened twice so far due to political circumstances and the nature of international relations at the time. This World Cup is primarily for Asian countries as a result, yet it is nonetheless one of the world’s Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Tournaments.

Commonwealth Bank Series

Initially known as the Benson & Hedges World Series, it rose to fame. The series later went by Carlton and United, VB, and CB. The series, which airs from December through January and February, is an Australian production.

It comes after Christmas and extends Australia’s warm season. Due to their 19 victories in 33 games, the hosting team has benefited the most from the competition.

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The war between Australia and India is well-known. This format featured tests and produced some of the most exciting test matches in ICC cricket competition history. Sunil Gavaskar of India and Allan Border of Australia were recognized as the first athletes to enter the 10,000 clubs. They were also in charge of their respective teams at the time. India has dominated and excelled in this competition. You may wager on this game as well as many others at Parimatch.


Clearly, popular cricket trophies are not just famous in India but throughout the world meaning it is quite competitive. You can also make money off your enthusiasm for the game by placing bets on Parimatch, which features excellent fixtures and enhances the game’s enjoyment.