‘Super Sub’ KS Bharat impressed, competing in front of Saha for the second wicketkeeper

Kanpur, Nov 27 (PTI) The most important thing for Wriddhiman Saha in his 11 years of international cricket has been his excellent wicketkeeping which is still good but behind the wickets as a substitute wicketkeeper, Sreekar Bharat’s ability is behind the wickets of the 37-year-old Bengal wicketkeeper. It is enough for him to lose sleepless nights.

Worse, Saha’s injury at the wrong time is also going against him as well as his batting is only getting worse after Rishabh Pant’s entry into the Indian Test format.

Minutes before the start of the third day of the first Test against New Zealand on Saturday, Saha complained of neck stiffness and another wicketkeeper Bharat was brought in as his replacement.

There was uneven bounce on the pitch and Bharat was at his best during 85.3 overs, taking two very different catches, as well as clever reflexes of stumping that could have gone wrong due to uneven bounce.

When asked about the performance of 28-year-old Bharat, who has been a part of India A team for the last three years, Akshar Patel, the hero of the day, said, “It is not easy when you are not in the last 11 players, and then suddenly Ask you to play. ,

“Riddhi bhai had neck stiffness and he (Bharat) was doing practice and warm-up and was asked to play in the match 10 minutes before the start of the match. it’s not that easy. ,

Patel said, “But as you see, how he handled the ball and how he took catches and stumped. He will only get better in the days to come. ,


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