Sri Lankan Women Cricketers: Excitement in Sri Lankan cricket … Positive for six women players

Six Sri Lankan women cricketers have qualified for the World Cup qualifiers in Zimbabwe. Sri Lanka Cricket & zwnj; The board announced on Sunday that the & nbsp;

new variant in South Africa & zwnj; The ICC took precautionary measures after the identification. Qualifier & zwnj; Canceled matches. The hotel & zwnj; Restricted to rooms. However, it is yet to be decided whether the Sri Lankan players will have a new variant or not. Meanwhile, one of the supporting stops in the Sri Lankan team got positive. Earlier, the ICC cautiously stopped the match. If all the Sri Lankan players are tested, six will be found to be positive. & Nbsp;

The team is still in Zimbabwe … Sri Lanka Cricket & zwnj; Board CEO Ashley de Silva. Players who are confirmed positive will have to stay in Zimbabwe until the negative. & nbsp; A doctor arrives in Sri Lanka with the team. They are moved to the quarantine after a thorough test due to the omicron variant. Government sources said the regulations were being enforced as they were coming over South Africa. After being kept in isolation for a few days, they will be sent home if they get positive. The ICC has announced that Bangladesh, Pakistan and the West Indies will take part in the World Cup. The three teams will join New Zealand, Australia, India, England and South Africa.

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