Spot Fixing Saga: Former Zimbabwe captain’s statement on spot fixing

Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor made sensational comments on spot-fixing. He said on Twitter that he had been approached by an Indian businessman for spot-fixing and was unable to report it to the ICC at the time. He explained that he could be banned for a few years. But he said he had never committed any fixing. Taylor said two years ago an Indian businessman offered to discuss the T20 league in Zimbabwe, come to India and pay $ 15,000. After coming to India, he went to a party and admitted that he had taken cocaine with everyone there. “They shot the video and came to my hotel the next day and threatened to make the video public if the spot was not fixed,” Taylor said. He revealed that he had given $ 15,000 as mentioned earlier and would give another $ 20,000 after spot-fixing. He said he boarded the flight to escape from there earlier and returned home. He said it took him 4 months to process all this in his mind and report to the ICC. He explained on Twitter that he would be banned for a few years for not reporting immediately.

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