Shubman Gill says….Virat Kohli is Venom while Ishaan Kishan is Spiderman

Shubman Gill says….Virat Kohli is Venom while Ishaan Kishan is Spiderman

Shubman Gill : Shubman Gill said that Virat Kohli would like to see Venom and Ishaan Kishan as Spiderman. He was speaking at the launch of Spider-Man film trailer in Mumbai. Shubman Gill today launched the Hindi and Punjabi trailer of the animation film ‘Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse’ in Mumbai. Interestingly, Shubman Gill has voiced the character ‘Pavitra Prabhakaran’ in the Indian Spiderman in this film. Shubman Gill lent his voice for the Hindi and Punjabi film. Gill was seen in high spirits during the dubbing and trailer launch of the film.  This movie will be released on June 1. The film will be released on 1800 screens across the country. The film will be released in ten languages ​​in India namely Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali.

While launching the trailer, Shubman Gill said that he has been a fan of Spiderman since his childhood. Gill said at the trailer launch that he first saw the Spiderman movie in 2002. Not only that… Gill said that he was inspired by watching Spider-Man when he was seven or eight years old and trying to overcome his fears… 

‘Spiderman: Shubman Gill shared his experience of dubbing the Hindi and Punjabi films of the animation film ‘Across the Spider-Verse’. On this occasion, Shubman Gill recited Hindi and Punjabi dialogues from the film. Enjoyed dubbing Hindi and Punjabi film… Gill said while launching the trailer that it was fun. Gill said that there was no problem as they were already preparing for the dubbing.  Shubman Gill said that Hrithik Roshan is his favorite actor. 

Virat Kohli will be Venom then Spiderman Ishan Kishan – 
Shubman Gill asked who would be perfect if Cricket had to play the real Spiderman and Venom (villain) on screen. Gill said that he would like to see Virat Kohli in the role of Venom… and Ishaan Kishan in the role of Spiderman."text-align: justify;">Will you make your acting debut in the future? On this Shubman Gill said that he likes the world of film very much.. would like to act. Shubman Gill said that his real life hero is his father. I would like my life to inspire people. Gill also said. 

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