Shame.. Chahal! Batting? don’t you Did you play sir..!

Shame.. Chahal!  Batting?  don’t you  Did you play sir..!

It is known that Team India lost the first match of the T20 series against West Indies. India fell short of the target of 150 runs set by the West Indies. The batters did not perform well and lost by 4 runs. As a result, the host team took a 1-0 lead in the T20 series. But an interesting incident happened during India’s batting.

What actually happened..
India need 10 runs from the last over to win. Kuldeep Yadav got out on the first ball and returned as the 8th wicket. In this situation the team needs 10 runs in 5 balls to win. Yuzvendra Chahal and Mukesh Kumar are the remaining players at number 10 and 11. At this stage, Mukesh is taller and stronger than Chahal, so the team management decided to send him to bat at number ten.

But, this is where the lack of coordination arose. Chahal, who was already ready, came on the field as soon as the wicket fell. Noticing this, coach Rahul Dravid and captain Hardik Pandya signaled Chahal to come back. With this, Chahal came towards the pavilion with the same speed as he went to the field to bat.

The umpire noticed Chahal who had gone almost to the boundary line and called him back. He suggested to come to bat. He said that once he crossed the boundary line and entered the field, he would not accept the rules to go back again. With this, Chahal batted.

All in all, Chahal’s actions surprised everyone. Rushing down the field and trying to get out again was laughable. Currently, the video related to this has gone viral on social media.

Team India scored only six runs in the last over and surrendered the match to West Indies with a difference of four runs.

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