Sachin Tendulkar turns lefty, see the master blaster shooting with the left hand, himself shared the video

New Delhi: The world’s greatest cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was a right-handed batsman. But getting rid of the sixes of the biggest bowler was his left-handed game. Just imagine, if Sachin was a left-handed batsman, how would he have played the shot. If you had any such wish, then Master-Blaster has fulfilled it. The only difference is that he does not have a bat but a hockey stick.

Sachin has tweeted a video, in which he is seen playing golf. The cameraman has shot him taking a shot from the mirror of the car, due to which his image is seen inverted and it seems that Sachin is playing a shot with the left hand. Tweeting, he wrote, ‘For all those who want to see me play with my left hand’

The secret of Sachin’s success is hidden in the left hand

Left-handed people, whose right side of the brain is more active, due to which they are more creative and logical. On the basis of their research, the researchers found that their mind is more engaged in subjects like music and maths. Sachin writes with the left hand, but bats with the right hand.

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