Sachin Tendulkar posted a video of him applying shampoo to the pets, the user said – better luck than us, dogs

New Delhi: India’s master blaster Sachin Tendulkar often posts something or the other on social media. Sometimes playing in your home, taking a bath in the pool or with your family. Fans give a lot of love to his every post and also share his heart with him. Sachin Tendulkar has shared a video with both his dogs. The names of these two dogs are Spike and Max. Sachin is often seen having fun with these two pets.

Sachin has posted a video of a few seconds in Instagram. In this, he is bathing both his dogs. Sachin is applying shampoo on his body. In its caption, he has written that Max and Spike’s spa day. Always use shampoo so that both of them feel fresh. Three days ago too, Sachin had posted a photo with both his pets in which he is playing pool and is seen with both of his pets together.

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In this post he wrote that these two are waiting when I finish the pool game and then we can go to the other pool after that. Actually, he was talking about going to the swimming pool and after that the users had a lot of fun. Many users even wrote that these dogs have better luck than us. Many other users replied with heart emoji. One user said that Sachin will always remain in hearts.